At we highly value your privacy. Privacy is one of our most precious rights and should be protected at all times and at all cost. We therefore not only make every effort to comply with our obligations under the 2016 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also our own, even more strict obligations. is fully GDPR ready.

The safety and confidentiality of your CV and personal data are of utmost importance. When applying to a position via your CV, personal data and other information you have provided (name, date of birth, address, postal code, residence, country, phone number, e-mail address) will only be send to the company you have applied for. Due to technical reasons we,, will have to maintain a copy of this data for a period of maximum 60 days after which all data will be deleted. If you want us to delete this data sooner than 60 days, please contact us via with your request. is part of Hospitables International B.V. Hospitables International B.V. is a global online jobs platform for the hospitality industry that operates online job portals to accurately match candidates with companies.

CV information and personal data
Your CV, the information on it and your personal data is only send to the employer where you have applied. Furthermore it’s stored, due to technical reasons within the system of for a maximum of 60 days before it’s deleted. Your data will not be made available for searching, viewing over the internet, or made public in any other way.

Important to know is that no other company, recruitment agency or customer of will have access to your data otherwise than the company you have applied at. This means that if your current employer is advertising jobs on they won’t have any access either and you can freely apply without having to be worry your application might become widely known.

Because of this you won’t be able to create a profile on and that you won’t be contacted directly by any company, recruitment agency or customer advertising on If you want you can create RSS feeds, subscribe to newsletters or create job alerts.

Sharing your information
Personal data which you supply to any customer advertising on will be transferred to this third party. They may store and/or processes your information. These customers can be located outside of the European Union where other rules are applicable than the 2016 General Data Protection Regulation and where there may be a lower legal level of data protection. With regards to your data stored within our system, this information will be stored electronically, for a maximum of 60 days, at servers located in The Netherlands, Belgium and/or Switzerland. We will always endeavour to handle your information in accordance with this privacy policy, wherever it is processed.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by us on your computer which will enable us to identify your computer or electronical device when you access and provide you with a convenient means of access. This include adjusting the settings of to fit on the screen of your device. The cookies we use also protect the integrity of your searches and applications. We furthermore use cookies to collect aggregate statistical information about the use of our website. There is no personally identifiable information held on cookies. Due to changed regulations you no longer must accept these cookies, we will only inform you about the use of them when you first enter When you continue to make use of you accept the use of cookies.

IP address information
Like many websites routinely captures IP address information to determine your location. An IP address, or Internet Protocol Address, is a unique identifying number given to every device connected to the Internet. Like a car licence plate, an IP address is a special serial number used for identification. This helps us to track where you are originating from. Under the 2016 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the three last digits of your IP address are made invisible, we can therefore not track any IP address to a specific person. Based on this we can geographically promote advertisements on via third party websites. Your country of residence may be used now or in the future to determine whether job adverts are displayed to you.

Statistical information
We provide aggregate statistical information about the visitors and applications to jobs advertised on This information is shared with the advertisers of jobs on to track the numbers of views on advertisements, applicants, referrals, e-mail notifications and other lawful purposes. We do not track any information that enables the identification of individuals.

Security makes use of SSL certificates to offer you the highest standard of data protection. We also use the latest security devices and ‘firewalls’ to protected against unauthorised access.