When we were recruiting staff for the wonderful hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines and theme parks we used to work for, sometimes we used job boards as well. Most of the times we tried to skip them because we didn't feel comfortable using them. This was due to the fact that these neglected the high levels of privacy that we value, they lacked the personal touch and missed the expertise of our specific industry.  

One of the issues we ran into was that we really couldn’t brand ourselves and our clients, nor make our vacancy stand out, by using visual content such as photos and videos. Systems weren’t communicating properly, and we got annoyed by the inefficiency of the process. Besides this we, as Hospitality professionals, highly value the personal touch.

Everybody who gets in contact with us, both candidates and clients deserve personal attention. One thing we did look up to, using generic job boards, was the enormous amount of people applying to our vacancies and having to contact them. Especially when you consider that over 95% of the respondents was unsuitable for the job. On the other side, the applicants couldn’t get a clear impression of their potential new working place.

After having the same experience for years, we had a dream; “Why don’t we start a specialized job board tackling all the issues we experience?”. But it’s not just about us, so we started to ask around, conducted thorough research amongst over 40 Hospitality companies and basically asked everybody the same question; “What do you need?”

That’s how we got to Hospitables and to our mission. We wanted a single, clear platform, easy to use, simple to manage, focussed on employer branding & marketing, focussed on the Hospitality industry. Our mission is simple: In everything we do, we believe in dedication & working together. We believe in feeling responsible. The way we do this is by sharing our experiences and expertise. We just happen to have a dream and great knowledge about recruitment in the Hospitality industry.