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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Wharf Hotels is the hotel management company for Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels.

Marco Polo hotels embody the ethos of discovery, creating unique guest experiences and drawing on the key philosophies of its namesake, Marco Polo: the explorer, global traveller, entrepreneur and connoisseur of culture - just as Marco Polo’s modern travellers are today.

Niccolo is a collection of contemporary urban chic hotels with the most desirable, highly prized addresses. At heart, we are discoverers and re-discoverers of luxury experiences, styles and tastes. While our hotels are modern sophisticated spaces, we also value the timeless pleasures of impeccable hospitality from another golden era in travel. Underpinning everything we do is the desire to make life effortlessly luxurious.
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Every hotel of the Marco Polo group is an embodiment of Asian warmth and Western comfort, a blend which conjures an unforgettable experience for every guest staying with us.

Marco Polo hotels provide their guests with a unique travel experience which embraces the local charm and the adventure of travel with the deeply instilled elegance and warmth of the in-house culture of Marco Polo hotels.

Every Marco Polo hotel befits the new-age traveller, whether on business or leisure, with its elegant design, impeccable service and modern comforts.

Just like the continent we are based in – Asia, Wharf Hotels with its 15 properties in key Asian business destinations has flourished and established itself as one of the leading hotel brands in the region.
Wharf Hotels - World Class Asian Hospitality

One of the by-products of the Asian boom has been the burgeoning tourism sector which has pushed for better quality hotels to cater to the discerning traveller.

Hence, the very aim behind the establishment of Wharf Hotels has been to provide travellers from every corner of the world, a stay with all the Western comforts topped with the famed Asian hospitality – an experience truly unforgettable!

This vision has led us to establish fourteen properties with many more on the way and our perseverance through the last twenty eight years has resulted in Wharf Hotels being counted as one of the leading hospitality management companies in the Asia-Pacific region.


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