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Using the form below you can create an employer account on Hospitables. This employer account allows you to create your employer page, post jobs, manage applicants and so on. After filling in the form you will be automatically logged into your personal dashboard and receive login credentials on the email address provided.

Pricing for employers in hospitality
The costs are only €395 for the set-up, then you can decide whether you would like to pay a monthly or a yearly fee. How many employees do you have?

251 employees or more? Contact us!
51 - 250 employees for 199 euro per month
21 - 50 employees for 99 euro per month
0 - 20 employees for 49 euro per month

Completely and only for the hospitality market, we are building an impressive job board. Not against but with the market! Invite another employer and get one month off your membership!

Vacancies can be upload in your personal dashboard.