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Who are you? Where do you work from? What can you do for me? Why should we work with you? I don't know you... Is it safe to use Hospitables? Can we trust you? Why don’t you sell data to 3rd parties? Can you help us tackle our recruitment challenges? How do you make my vacancy stand out? How do you ensure outstanding service? How can we reach you? How much is an employer page? A profit share? Give me a discount! What's a profit share? Why do you only sell packages? And not single job ads? What if I have the feeling I don't receive enough applicants? I’m a single property, how do I stand out? You’re no Indeed or Monster, why should I work with you? Can I really contact you 24/7? It must be expensive What sets you apart from your competitors? I only recruit locally I don’t know if Hospitables is a good match for me Why does the Hospitality industry matter to you? Why is the website only in English and not my local language? We’re already working with other platforms I use my own Applicant Tracking System How are you going to make me happy? Can I use video content in the posts? What is employer branding? How does it work? How do I know the job is real? What if I don’t have vacancies all the time? How do I know the job isn’t already taken? I don’t have a corporate video, now what? Why only Hospitality? Why does privacy matter so much to you? Is it a lot of work to maintain my vacancies on Hospitables? I don’t want to receive all those applications; can they be send to department heads? I’m happy with my own career page, why use Hospitables as well? Is there a way to embed my vacancies on Hospitables on my own website? What means your “lowest price guarantee”? How do people find your website? Where do I register as an employer? Why can’t I register myself as a job seeker? Can you promote my job extra? Am I featured on Social Media? Can I apply to multiple jobs at the same time? How do I know if my application has been received?

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