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Can you help us tackle our recruitment challenges?

Absolutely. We can help you to create an Employer page, and therewith empower your communication with regards to your corporate culture. Next to that, the technical combination and internal communication simplifies your recruitment process. A single clear platform, easy to use, simple to manage, focussed on employer branding & marketing, focussed on the Hospitality industry. Oh, and if you make a typo in one of your vacancies; No problem! Rather than charging you the full fee to repost that same vacancy – without the error - we allow you to simply edit it! You can post as many vacancies as you like, even for different job types. Oh, and by the way, we don’t take it offline after 28 days, no! you can have it online as long as you like.

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Hospitables Values

Hospitables values: open


Hospitables values: fast


Hospitables values: hospitable


Hospitables values: safe