Dear (future) Client & Partner,

We highly value true partnership. You are not our (future) client, you are our (future) partner. Together we will build and develop to disrupt and grow together.

Regarding to these General Terms & Conditions we can be brief and sound: we’d love you to be happy. Ofcourse, we can promise a lot and limit any promise at the same time. We will not overload you with 10 pages in ultra small font to ensure that, might there be any issue in the future, all parties need at least 2 lawyers to study this for weeks. For example, we could stress that the uptime of our websites, in which case ofcourse also Hospitables is depending on several third parties, will be about 99%. Yes, Dutch Law is applicable and it’s a no-brainer that we would love payment in time.

We have a solid mission. In the same fontsize as all our written communication: as we’d love you to be happy, we promise that we will try fanaticly 24/7 and do everything in our power to reach 100% score in any case! As our mission involves all employers in hospitality to serve all hospitality professionals 1-worldwide-online-job-platform at the same time, our true commitment is what you can expect and count on. Today, tomorrow, at any time.

We highly value prompt communication and transparency. We are available 24/7 and act as soon as possible. If you have any remark or suggestion for development or usability of our platform, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We would love to have happy partners, that’s our goal. Are you unhappy or should you have any questions or remarks? Please do contact your account manager, call +31-20-2613989 or send an email to or, the only dedicated worldwide online job board for, by and with employers in hospitality, to engage true hospitality professionals.

Be happy with us and again, no other online job board offers our USP’s nor these terms & conditions.

Yours sincerely and with hospitable regards,
Hospitables International B.V.