A Chef de Partie is a chef in charge of a particular section in the kitchen. Each Chef de Partie might be managing several cooks or as assistants. Chef de Parties are often named and called by the French term for their section. These include saucier – in charge of sauces, poissonnier – in charge of all fish dishes, rotisseur- in charge of all cooking, braising or roasting meats, grillardin- in charge of preparing all grilled foods, often working close together with the rotisseur, friturier- chef deep fry, entremetier- in charge of hot appetizers, soups, vegetables, pastas and starches, potager – in charge of preparing soups, legumier – in charge of vegetables, tournant – a cook who can work any station and depending on how busy it is jumps in and provides support, garde manger ¬ responsible for all cold foods including salads, cold appetizers and cold meat platters, butcher – butchers all meat, poultry and game, pastry chef – in charge of making pastries, cakes, breads, desserts and doughs. Chef de Partie jobs can be found both in hotels, resort, restaurants, external venues and event locations.